Katrina Kaif Rare Bikini Photo-Shoot

Katrina Kaif and Yana Gupta rare bikini photoshoot for Kingfisher calendar!

Katrina Kaif in swimsuit in Telugu film Malliswari (2004) | sorry, the Kingfisher calendar photoshoot video of Katrina Kaif has been removed from Youtube so this (Malliswari) video

Though the video is not very clear, yet you can easily identify Katrina Kaif who is standing beside Yana Gupta (one model is there in-between them).

It's a rare video (old time) when Katrina Kaif was just a model and not a bollywood top actress.

Who doesn't know before Katrina Kaif became a super successful Bollywood actress, she was part a of the Kingfisher calendar.
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