Top 3 hot women in Raj Kapoor's film

Bollywood's one of the all-time best director Raj Kapoor shows great taste while choosing actress. He also got a unique way of presenting those lovely heroines in his movies. Few of his popular sensous sene in movies is making actresses bathing under waterfall or see through sarees etc.

Here are top 3 hot women in Raj Kapoor's film

i) Dimple Kapadia

Raj Kapoor's invention Dimple Kapadia started her bollywood film carrer with the movie 'Bobby' (1973) opposite Rishi Kapoor while she was only fifteen years of old. In this film Raj Kapoor present her in red swimsuit.

ii) Zeenat Aman

If you have somehow interest in old days bollywood movie then I'm quite sure you have already seen the 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram' (1978).

Now, if you have already gone through the movie should I need to say anything how Zeenat Aman was presented in it?

There are several situations (like : bathing under a waterfall in a red sari, praying to Shiva at a temple wearing white sari (see-through?)) when Zeenat Aman burn the screen with her sensous presence.

iii) Mandakini

Few years later Raj Kapoor came up with another film 'Ram Teri Ganga Maili' (1985) where his liking of transparent saris and waterfalls continued. This time with the actress Mandakini opposite Rajiv Kapoor.

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There is no doub't these vintage glamorous girls sensuous scenes is very much considered a major contributor to the film's success.
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